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Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers work on critical systems within homes, schools, offices, and hospitals. Critical building systems like heating, cooling, refrigeration, and ventilation are often taken for granted until they need service. HVAC technicians are responsible for installing, maintaining, and designing these systems. HVAC technicians are essential to our way of life. It is not surprising that this role is increasing in popularity and is poised for growth. 

In the HVAC Jobs Near Me - A guide to finding local HVAC jobs we will walkthrough:

  1. How to find an HVAC job near you by using advanced search techniques

  2. The job outlook for HVAC technicians over the next decade

  3.  Clearly explain the process for becoming an HVAC technician and outline requirements

Finding HVAC Jobs Near You

HVAC technician jobs can be highly competitive. Recent limitations for building access, increased remote workers, and business closures are making each position that much more competitive. Taking the time to research, find, and properly apply will pay off dramatically over rushing into an application. 

Researching Local HVAC Companies Near You

Understanding what HVAC companies are near your home is going to be the first step in understanding what HVAC opportunities are available. You will first want to decide:

  • How far are you willing to drive to get to work

  • What distance are you comfortable being away from your home

Driving to work is half the battle when it comes to traveling as an HVAC technician. Experienced technicians know that travel can be a bear. Building systems like heating and cooling need attention at all hours of the day. Morning rush hour, lunch rush, evening rush hour, these can oftentimes be when you are travelling to or from a job.

When others are headed to and from their main office location and then back home, you will be traveling to your jobsite. Meaning that you have additional commute time back to your main office and then back to your home.

Having a good understanding of what you are willing to take on in terms of travel can mean the difference between loving your job or hating it after the first few weeks.

Once you have this decided you can now determine what HVAC companies fit within your desired work area. 

To do this you will want to use Google Maps (maps.google.com) to first start your search for HVAC companies. 

After going to Google Maps enter in the keyword :HVAC followed by your city. 

If you lived in Chicago you would enter “HVAC Chicago”

You will then see all of the HVAC companies near you. 

Keep in mind that looks can be deceiving when it comes to distance on the map. 

To measure the distance between locations you can enter both locations and see the directions or you can right click on the map and select “Measure Distance. 

This will give you the ability to measure the distance between two points without having to type in the company name or address of each location you want to measure.

Finding HVAC Jobs Near You

Now that you have a good idea of what companies are within your area you can search these companies and set up email alerts to match their company name.

On our platform if the company does not have positions open we will notify you and with the press of a button you can generate an automated email be sent when the employer posts jobs on our job board.

Here is a job I found within the location restrictions I searched on Google maps.

Another great strategy is to click the “more jobs like this” button

This will use your title and keyword paired with your location parameters to find jobs that have a similar criteria. 

Lastly, don’t forget that looking for jobs online is not the only option. 

Use your location search to gather the phone numbers of every HVAC location within your acceptable range and give them a call.

Not every employer uses every job board and some employers don’t post jobs online at all. 

A quick call could be just what you were looking for and exactly what they are looking for in a candidate.

Applying to Local HVAC Jobs

When it comes to applying for a job, make sure to fill out the application completely. Especially, if you are doing it in person. 

The most important part is not filling out the application, but what you do next.

Sending an email notifying the hiring manager / owner that you applied to the position and in a few sentences detailing what you bring to the table goes a long way. 

Same to be said if you have an interview. Depending on how big the shop is you may just have one interview. If that is the case make sure to follow up with a thank you and again detail what you bring to the table and how you are excited for the role.

HVAC job outlook 

The job outlook for HVAC technicians are good. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that it will grow by 4% over the next decade. As HVACR systems increase in complexity and technological advancements make their way into critical building systems; the technicians with skills and ability to operate computer based tooling (think ipads) related to the installation and maintenance will be more ideal candidates. 

Top Paying State for HVAC Technicians

  • District of Columbia - $71,940

  • Alaska - $68.340

  • Connecticut - $64,900

  • Massachusetts - $63,260

  • Hawaii - $61,480

States with the most HVAC jobs, each of these states have more available HVAC jobs than the national average. We included their mean salary.

  • Delaware - $52,470

  • Idaho - $44,410

  • Florida - $44,720

  • Maine - $48,250

  • Arizona - $47,580


How to Become an HVAC Technician

HVACR systems increase in complexity every year. Employers look for someone who is up to speed with technology and has completed a postsecondary program that has awarded a certificate or associate's degree. Employers also favor apprenticeships.

The education you need:

HVAC technicians go to a trade school or community college that offers a certificate or associates degree in HVAC related topics like heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

Training you and the employer want:

New technicians work alongside a more experienced technician to show them the ropes, but most employers like a candidate that completed an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship programs can run for 3-5 years and during that time the apprentice will learn everything from safety practices to managing complex systems that heat and cool buildings.

Unions and contractor groups sponsor apprenticeship programs and the requirements for these programs vary from state to state and city to city.


The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency is a U.S. agency that requires all technicians who handle, buy, and work with refrigerants to be certified in handling of the material. If you go through post secondary training or an apprenticeship they will most likely guide you down the path of preparing for this examination.

Separately, some states and cities carry their own requirements for certification and may require you to obtain a license.

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