August 2020 Employment Statistics

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Employment within the United States is improving. Employers are increasing their hiring and the pace at which they hire. Immediate hire jobs are increasing on our platform. Employers are increasing their amount of available positions. At the time of writing this article we have 90,160 immediate hire jobs available. If you are actively seeking employment or in a position to hire candidates immediately keep reading for the most up to date statistics from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

On September 4th, 2020 the U.S. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics released “The Employment Situation” which outlines the status of employment and unemployment within the United States. 

Our team of analysts have gathered the most valuable industry and position based data within the governments report for use in your job search or candidate seeking efforts.


August 2020 Unemployment Statistics 

Unemployed People:

13.6 Million people

The number of unemployed people within the United States fell by 2.8 Million people in August. 

This number has been declining for 4 consecutive months.


Unemployment Rate:


The unemployment declined by 1.8 percentage points to reach a rate of 8.4%.

This number has been declining for 4 consecutive months.


Unemployed Adult Men:


Unemployed Adult Women:


Unemployed Teenagers:


Unemployed Whites:


Unemployed Blacks:


Unemployed Hispanics:


Unemployed Asians:


Temporarily Laid Off persons:

6.2 Million

The Temporarily Laid Off persons within the United States is down considerably from a high of 18.1 Million in April of 2020.


Persons Jobless Less Than 5 Weeks:

2.3 Million

The Persons Jobless Less Than 5 Weeks count fell 921,000 in August.


Persons Jobless 5-14 weeks:

3.1 Million 

The Persons Jobless 5-14 Weeks count fell 2.0 Million in August.


Persons Long-Term Unemployed (27 weeks or more):

1.6 Million


August 2020 Coronavirus Specific Statistics 


Employed Persons Teleworked Due to Coronavirus Pandemic:


Employed persons that teleworked was down 26.4% from the previous month (July).


People reported as unable to work because employer closed or lost business due to Coronavirus Pandemic:

24.2 Million

This statistic includes people reported having no work or fewer hours at some point in the month of August due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. This count is down from 31.3 Million in July.


People Prevented From Looking For Work due to the Coronavirus Pandemic:

5.2 Million

This count is down from 6.5 Million in July.


August 2020 Industry Employment Statistics 


Employment (General):

+1.4 Million jobs

Non-farm payroll employment increased by 1.4 Million in August.

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Government Employment:

+344,000 jobs

Government hiring accounting for a large chunk of the uplift in employment numbers for August. The majority of government hiring was 2020 Census workers.

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Retail Employment:

+249,000 jobs

Almost half of retail jobs added in August occurred in general merchandise stores (+116,000 jobs).

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Professional and Business Services:

+197,000 jobs

1.5 Million below the February job count. 


Leisure and Hospitality:

+174,000 jobs

More than half of this jobs gain occurred in food services and places of drinking.

2.5 Million below the February job count.

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Education and Health Services:

+147,000 jobs

1.5 Million below the February job count.

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Transportation and Warehousing:

+78,000 jobs

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Membership Associations and Organizations:

+31,000 jobs


Repair and Maintenance:

+29,000 jobs

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Personal and Laundry Services:

+14,000 jobs

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Financial Activities:

+36,000 jobs

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+29,000 jobs

All Manufacturing Jobs

Wholesale Trade:

+14,000 jobs

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Employment changed little in the industries of Mining, Construction, and Information.

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