Job Seeker Resources

When it comes to job seeking our team of expert recruiters says "use all of the resources" you can get your hands on. The resources made available from this page cover all levels of job seeking. Not comfortable in your job search? We have guides to walk you through every step of the way. Are you a job seeking veteran who changes positions every 1-2 years? We have guides for advanced searching to get you moving fast. The team at Local Remote Jobs has created content that covers all levels of experience to make you successful.

Job Seeker Blog

Each and every blog post written is focused on teaching. We understand that lists of high-paying jobs, pictures of kittens, and salary estimators are nice, but our focus is on helping you get to your next position. Starting with our "How-to Job Search" guide to our "Advanced User Guide for LinkedIn Networking" the focus is the same. By teaching you how to be a better job seeker we put you in a position to be successful. Blog content is authored both by our in-house team and on occasion outsourced to qualified writers with experience job hunting. Content covers not only topics but also industries. Understanding that applying, interviewing, and working in a warehouse is different than applying, interviewing, and working in an office allows us to provide guidance and advice for every situation.


Reading about job seeking is one thing, participating in an online training event is another. Every job seeker learns and job hunts in a different way. Our online events are recorded from the desk of a teacher. Visual learners will love getting their information the way that their mind prefers to consume it. Events require registration but as with all of our content are free. Events are coming with a planned launch date of 12/20.


There are many job seekers that have come and gone from our website. Some find jobs on our website, some read our guides and find work through another source, but we try to make every interaction a positive one. These testimonials are a representation of the job seeking community we work with. We are proud of the good testimonials and use the bad testimonials as an opportunity to learn and improve Local Remote Jobs. We encourage your to read our testimonials and if you have a good experience on our website at any phase of your job seeking journey to leave a testimonial.

Useful Links

In a hurry and need directions? The useful links page is for you. Sometimes you just need to get going. We have collected what we believe are some of the most useful links for job seeking on the internet. Everything from social media login pages to the Local Remote Jobs password reset link. It's all here...just a click away.