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Welcome Job Seekers! 

Are you a new job seeker? 

We are excited to have you visit our job board. Our team of expert recruiters advises you to start by registering your profile. Registering your profile only requires your name and email, the rest of your profile can be completed at another time. Creating a profile on Local Remote Jobs Near You immediately puts you into our pool of available candidates. Our candidate directory is used by companies and recruiters around the world to find candidates for open positions. This is the first step to effective job searching. As you complete your profile companies and recruiters learn more and more about who you are as a potential employee. This method of finding work is called passive job seeking.  Receive attention from employers without applying - Create Your Profile Today! 

Technical Tip: Bookmark our login page for quick access to your applications, favorite jobs, and more. 

Returning Job Seeker?

Welcome back! Our staff recruiters are excited to get you a job. Before interviewing you must apply, before applying you need to complete your profile. We highly recommend that every job seeker using our platform completes their job seeker profile to the best of their ability. Once logged into your account make sure that you have checked the box to receive job offers and communication from our team. Monthly we send job hunting tip emails that are short and to the point. More importantly is that this feature allows you to receive communication from our employers who want to discuss job offers with you. In order to turn on this feature first login to your account on the login page.

Once logged in click the first option which is labeled "Update My Account Details", from there check the "Marketing Opt-in" box.

This is the first step to receiving emails with valuable job hunting tips from expert recruiters and job offers from employers.

From this point it is recommended that you upload your resume or use our resume builder to have your resume live in our job seeker database. While creating your profile activates you as a job seeker it does not have all of the information that employers and recruiters need to make a decision on you as a candidate. After you have either built or uploaded your resume continue on to completing your profile. This increases the amount of information employers have on you and expands the pool of jobs you will match with.

Creating Job Alerts

Job alerts are emails containing positions that match your criteria. You MUST create a job alert to receive newly available jobs in your email. Creating your profile and opting into the marketing emails will not send job alert emails. 

Creating job alerts is quick and easy. Head over to our job alerts page to create a job alert.

The "Alert Name" field is for you to create a name that is easily recognizable for the job alert. 
As an example you could use the "Alert Name": Warehouse - Illinois for criteria that includes warehouse jobs that are located in the state of Illinois.

After you create an alert name, continue on and fill out the criteria for the listings you would like to see in your email. There are two major considerations to keep in mind when filling out your criteria for job alerts.
1. If you do not select immediately or hourly for email "Send Emails" you will get the job listings after the majority of our users. This may place you at a disadvantage if the job expires before you see it.
2. If you choose to enter a desired salary / rate you will limit the results you get. Many of our jobs do not include salary / rate information as employers prefer to discuss this with candidates directly. We recommend you leave this blank.


We are here to support you and make every attempt to answer emails within a 24 hour period. Please contact us with questions regarding your job seeker account.