About Local Remote Jobs

Welcome to Local Remote Jobs!

Our mission is simple. Provide as many jobs to as many job seekers as possible.

We built localremotejobs.com to meet the demands of people searching for both local jobs and remote jobs. The world of job hunting is forever changed. If you are looking for a local job or looking for a remote job we can help. Remote jobs have many benefits that include the ability to care for family, the ability work from your home, the ability to spend time with your loved ones. Local jobs also offer benefits that include staying close to home, keeping your work at work, and reducing commute time. If you are looking for local work or a remote position, locaremotejobs.com is the place to find your next job. 

Our team is small but made of expert level recruiters. We encourage every job seekers to entrench themselves in the job hunt. A recent talentworks survey says that it takes job seekers between 100-200 applications to receive one job offer.
While we know these are just stats and every persons experience will be different, we do understand that your outreach to employers is key to landing a job. Putting yourself into the pool of potential candidates is the only way to get the job. That means that applications must be completed. 

Improving the process for finding work was our second mission and so we created a job alert system that notifies you when your specific local job or remote job criteria is met. Setting these alerts will prompt an email directly from our team of expert recruiters to be sent with positions that match your criteria.

Pro-Tip: we recommend leaving salary blank as not every employer provides us with their compensation details, adding a salary rate can drastically reduce getting jobs that match the rest of your criteria.

We hope that our software, our job board, and our support help you as you look for your next local job or remote job. Please keep in touch, we attempt to answer every message received within 24 hours. contact us.

The Local Remote Jobs Team